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Music Industry Unions Called Out for Talent Development Projects

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Music industry unions have been encouraged to take the initial steps of creating very meaningful grassroots talent development programs, which the upcoming music artists can rely on when it comes to improving their talents and enhancing their music industry knowledge.

Since the music industry is perceived not to be able to function properly without the help of these various unions. Then, unions such as Risa, SAMRO, Capasso, SAMPRA, and others i.e in the South Africa music context. and other unions worldwide representing the interest of the artists as so many would claim has to be part of the artist’s career from the get-go.

Music Unions Called Out

The clarion call for unions to be practical and hands-on, when it comes to the role they play in grassroots talent development was made in an article published on the Morgeez Official Blog on the 4th of June, 2021 by Christopher Odiley. Indicating that music industry unions must join efforts that ensure a positive contribution to any process or initiatives that are geared towards grassroots development of the music artist.

They have to be more involved in developing talents since they benefit from the works of the artists once they get to the mainstream.

Christopher Odiley

Overall, this seem like a genuine call. If the young artists has to contribute to the earnings of these unions when they get to the mainstream, then the unions themselves has to be involved in their carrier one way or the other from the very beginnings.

For clear understanding of this noble call, it is recommended that you checkout the full article on the Morgeez Blog. This has been hailed as a great call by some industry players. Your opinion on this issue matters so much so that it can sway things in the right direction when it comes to dealing with talent development within the music industry.

Please do leave your comments below as your input will really meant a lot. Remember to share article as someone might just learn a thing or two also. Have any story to share? Click here. Thanks for reading. Peace.

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