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Special Report: Music Master Recording Rights Ownership | Finding the Balance

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The issue of who owns master recordings is a make-or-break affair when it comes to the relationship between the artist and the record label. It would have been a simple case of simple understanding between both parties. But, alas! clearly, this has not been the case over the years.

Riff Between Artists and Record Labels Over Master Recording Rights?

While most artists believe that record labels should not own their master recordings on a 100% level, record labels on the other hand couldn’t let go of this opportunity as a matter of business decisions and ROI forecasts.

This question of who should own the music master recording rights between the artist and the parties involved was wholly dealt with in an article published on the Morgeez Official Blog by author and music business mentor, Mr. Christopher Odiley. In this special white paper, Mr. Chris has outlined various factors that might influence the 100% Music Masters Recording Rights ownerships.

Striking the Balance on Music Master Recording Rights

Who is the Original Owner of the Music Master Recordings Rights?

The question of music master ownership was defined by the outlook of music creation or the music production process. Mr. Chris then focused his analysis on the main players when it comes to music creation with special reference to:

  • The Composer
  • The Producer
  • The Artist, and
  • The Sponsor otherwise refered to as Executive producer or the Record Label.

With his argument based on common knowledge from a business point of view on the music industry, the 4 above-mentioned parties could have the right to ownership depending on their level of involvement. Having read the article myself, it is quite convincing to believe that none of these parties have the unabridged right to claim total ownership until a certain agreement has been reached.

Shared Responsibilities over Music Master Recordings Rights

The way the article portrayed music master recording rights, is so straightforward and interesting that all parties involved in a recording process from creation to post-production will have a clear understanding of how things work, and the use of common sense is widely propagated in other to avoid conflicts within the circle.

Finally, I, therefore, encourage everyone to check out the original article on music master recording rights upon which this report is made; as available on the Morgeez Official Blog.

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