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The Morgeez Music Producers Contest Goes Online

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The all-important Morgeez music producer contest has gotten a new twist as the contest got a make-over due to new COVID-19 lock-down regulations in South Africa.

The competition which was scheduled to take place at the Morgeez Legacy Studios in Johannesburg, South Africa on JULY 3, 2021 at 11:00 am has now got remodeled with a new approach altogether. The competition will no longer be held in the studios as earlier planned. Instead, a new format whereby producers will not be brought together in-studio has now been devised.

What is the New format for the Music Producer Contest?

As we all know that, everything online is the new norm, this is the format Morgeez has chosen to adopt for the Music Producer Contest 2021. By this format, the following practice has been adopted:

  1. Producers will Buy their entry tickets online at the Morgeez Events Portal
  2. Then producers will then be able to have access to the contest form where they can upload their produced beats, tracks, or songs
  3. Each producer is to upload a minimum of 10 tracks for which adjudication shall commence on a fixed date to be announced to all producers and fans via the Morgeez Media Platforms and Social handles.

What’s Next After Upload Their Tracks?

Once producers upload their tracks, they will be notified and confirmed officially for the competition. Then, wait for the competition date to commence. The date is available at the Music Producers Contest event details on the Morgeez Events Portal.

The unique thing about this format is that on the said event date, Producers and Morgeez Management will be hooked up via ZOOM. Producers will now be able to perform certain music production task virtually from the comfort of their home studios.

Judging the Online Music Producer Contest

All producers will compete virtually. At the end of the day after the performance of their music production tasks for which they had competed for head to head but virtually; producers will then forward an original sample of the beat or song they produced on that day for proper adjudication by the Morgeez Team of Judges.

Results of the competition will be announced to producer contestants directly and also on the Morgeez Magazine, Morgeez Radio, and MorgeezTV including Social handles.

Although we will surely miss the physical presence and creative interaction that supposed to take place on that day, we will endeavour to make the experience worth the while as well even though it’s online. At the end of the day, it’s all about the creative work. See the Music Producer Contest information here.

If you are upcoming hip-hop music, rap music, and trap music producer, with a massive body of talent, here’s your chance to take your music production career to the next level. Get your ticket now and let’s see you soon!

Remebre to share this information, as you may just be saving someone’s music career. Leave your thoughts and comments below as we value them.

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