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Music Review | L-Tido | Riky Rick | Stogie T | Who Rules SA Rap Game?

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This is one question that hasn’t being asked before? And I am glad to be the first to put it out like it’s supposed to. There’s no doubt these, three names are power house in the South Africa Rap Game. But the instrument to measure the level of activities of these superstars can barely be identified judging by genre acceptance situation in the country.

I know there’s one hip hop award dedicated to the rap music in the country, and I also know that major radio stations are lazy to pump the genre in their playlist as it should be, but I also know that South Africa Rap music artists are putting in the great work to get their music out there. Taking into account the above scenarios, as I will record it below:

  1. Lack of or in adequate radio airplay for rap music
  2. Lack of or in adequate venues for rap artists to perform
  3. Lack of or in adequate rap battle spot for rappers to develop
  4. Lack of respect for the rap game by the rappers themselves. By this I mean, rappers, scattered all over the place. Keeping selfish statues, and distancing themselves from collaborating enough with each other.
  5. Lack of record labels taking responsibility for the game to strive…

All of these are doing no good to the rap music genre and most of all, it makes it difficult to actually figure out if there’s an existing and sustainable rap music industry in the country. I am not talking of an industry where you have very very few at the mainstream – “a tiny mainstream for that matter”.

All of the factors mentioned above will be very critical if one wants to gauge who is best in the rap music scene. If commercial success is what one will use to measure the being “best”, then some or many people will argue that Riky Rick is the best. But if by poetry or a talent that does “poetic justice” to the game, many will agree that Stogie T is or should be the best. But if touch of class and style is what you consider a tool for measuring success, then, You will agree with me that L-Tido is the best.

In-a-nutshell, however you looked at it and whatever method, you use to measure the “who’s best” in SA Rap Game, the conclusion and answer, surely will be yours and yours only until such a time when the growth of rap music has reach a peak height in the country.

It will be more beneficial if this is an open convo that you will be interested in, if you are in love with rap music or involved one way or the other. You can leave your comments below and lets continue the process of identify the right path to actual growth in South Africa Rap Music industry.

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