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New ways of distributing your music as independent artist

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The process of getting into the mainstream as an artist has ever being a daunting task for the independent artist. Some may had even given up before their dreams of ever making it to the top even get started.

Hence, a new solution to help all independent artists has just being announced by the Management of Morgeez Records. According to the Chief Marketing Officer at the company, the newly launch platform will provide artists of all musical genre the opportunity to get their music and merchandise released and even promoted.

The platform has streaming capability which allows fans and website guests to stream any music for free, create playlists, create personal radio to share with friends and most of all, a fully functional music store where artists can actually sell their music with full rights and 100% income with no split.

For the artist who has been trying the very best to get your music placed for distribution but you really do not know how the things or process goes afterwards, here’s your chance to be in total control of your music distribution. The Morgeez Music Distribution platform is the right channel for you.

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