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News: Bringing back the good ol’ Battle Rap | Scouting the Superstars of Tomorrow – Today

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Scouting the talents that can take on the ever dynamic Rap music industry is a daunting task. And for so many basic and valid reasons, music industry players has forgotten the primary method of scouring the right talents.

In rap music, a gruesome competition called rap battle has always been the outstanding method of discovering some great rappers. For example, Detroit’s own son, Eminem, shot to global superstardom through his dominance of all the Rap battles he contested.

Eminem, single handedly elevated the status of battle Rap in the 90s and thereby cemented his legacy as one of the most prolific rapper of all times. This is as important as it gets when it come to using battle Rap to discover fresh talents in Rap music.

Setting standards is not an easy task. Morgeez has taken this process as one of its traditions in all its operations. And reintroducing the old battle Rap competitions to scout its gang of rappers, is no surprise. The Morgeez rap music competitions has only one mission in mind and it’s simply a platform for revealing the best new rapper that will be joining the Morgeez Records roster.

This is simply called “The Morgeez Battle Rap Royale”. The competition has ready launch at the Morgeez Events portal and scheduled for every Friday afternoon. A great opportunity for young rappers to spend beginning of their weekends, testing their skills with others, logging heads with competitors and improving their overall talent and performance skills.

Rappers are now welcomed to enter the Morgeez Battle Rap Royal competition. Click here to enter now or click here for further information

We welcome your comments as always, and remember to share on your social networks. You might just be saving someone else career.

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