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Who are the Hip Hip Billionaires to look out for in 2019 and Beyond

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Jay Z has clearly set the mark and stakes are now high up there in the hip hop industry when it comes to stacking the papers. As the industry booms and the money looms, the question is, whose got the loot. Who’s got the biggest loot bag; the money bag?

The hip hop music industry will never be the same again as the money wave is now fully sweeping across it all. Players now have the skills to bundle the stacks and turn them into ten figures or more. So now let’s check them out the ones on their way to scoring their first billions in 2019.

Is Dr. Dre The Next Hip Hop Billionaire ?

Dr Dre – $800 million
The Super Producer who made his super production popularity in the nineties shot-up his income with the sale of Beats by Dre headphones to Apple in 2014 for a whopping $2.6 billion. The money was a cash payment by Apple for the headphones products founded by Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine the Interscope Records Boss.
Since then, Dr. Dre has being reported as claiming the billionaire status but Forbes Magazine was unable to verify that Dre is a billionaire as yet. That’s cuz, he barely have other income streams ventures that fully supports his claims.

Is Diddy the Next Hip hop Billionaire?

Diddy – $740 million
Standing on the corner watching the money games play out in the hip hop community, if you asked me earlier, I would convincingly argue that Diddy is the first and only hip hop billionaire. But as it turns out bey the Forbes report, Diddy actually dropped to number 3 on the biggest money player log on the hip hop business moguls.

That’s not bad though if you consider the fact that Bad Boy Entertainment, Sean Jon his clothing line are not too well of in the main stream of things fashion, and records sales these days. His vodka ventures also weren’t that on the leader-board of revenue stream as sales of vodka dropped in recent years. Also bear in mind that there are so many other entrants into these industries these days from vodka to music to fashion. Diddy will probably need some form of reinvention to speed up his process of claiming the number one spot of the money game again.

Is Khanye West one of the next hip hop billionaires?

Khanye West – $240 million
Judging by music standards, as a producer and a rapper, Khanye West has done well. He’s probably one of the most sought-after and prominent elite music producer of this generation. When it comes to the paper stacking he has done well too. These figures don’t comes cheaply. at his result so far, kudos to Khanye West.

Jay Z has already cut the cake of his first billion as Forbes put it, Jaz Z and his wife Beyonce are well worth over $1.4 billion as of now. The next hip hop billionaire projected was Drake who is worth well over $150 million and he is the youngest on the list with prospect of becoming the next hip hop billionaire. With age on his side and at the pace he moves, things might just go his way maybe sooner than later.

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Source Forbes
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