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Nick Cannon and Eminem Wrapping up 2019 in the Baddest Rap Beef of the Decade

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The Hip hop music scene has almost fizzled into the oblivion, at least in the past decade, there, seemingly hasn’t being any beef of note capable of selling records and making legends. If anything to go by, this is what the Nick Cannon versus Eminem disses poses to spur up.

For fans of both Nick and Em, its a whole different ball game as the beef brews. Nick fans accuses Eminem of revisiting a beef dating back to 2009 while, Eminem fans accuses Nick of poking the Bear with these lines: “We should change his name from Eminem to Percocet,” he said. “What’s the pill old people use, we should change it to…we are going to call him Cialis. Get out your wheelchair Eminem and pop whatever you want to pop.”

Even as the accusations and counter accusations flows from both camps, Nick’s fans believed that Eminem started this way back 2009 when Nick was still married to singer Mariah Carey and Slim called both artists out on the song “Bagpipes From Bagdad.”

Eminem threw the jab at Nick Cannon on Fat Joe's "Family Ties" Album
Eminem threw the jab at Nick Cannon on Fat Joe’s “Family Ties” Album

But in the recent twist of things, Em has being accused of starting it up and waking up a dead beef when he dissed Nick on his latest feature on Fat Joe’s Latest Album. “Family Ties”

As the beef goes on, with the Nick emphatic drop of “Invitation” a purposely EM diss track, The world on the street is that this beef seemingly has no end in sight for now.

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