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Nigeria marks 61st Independent Day | What’s In for the Youth | See for Yourself

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What is the real meaning of Independence? Many are asking as Nigeria celebrates 61 years of what is regarded as Independence. The question of Independence is so much confusing to so many that you really do not have to be “woke” or have any political knowledge to see and believe whatever your mind chooses to believe anymore.

One does not have to listen to many political rhetorics by politicals from the local councilor up to the Governors through to the Senators and all the way to Mr. President for you to have your own opinion anymore. As long as you living, one has ears to hear, eyes to see and the stench of degradations cents through your nostrils, you are bound to have your opinion and reservations.

See What’s in for the Youth of Nigeria? If Anything?

This article is not meant to specify anything out of the ordinary for the youth of Nigeria, nor for the youth of African countries who claims to have freedom at some point or the other. The question we should be asking is: What exactly is this Freedom we are celebrating? Is it a human being or a brick wall? Or a flowing well of crude oil? or a weighty block of polished Gold? What is the right way to paint the picture of this so-called “Independence”?

Depending on which side of the coin you are positioned on, your interpretation could be reflective of your particular situation. Not the general look of things.

Quite frankly, on this Day of 61st Independence Celebration in Nigeria, the one thing of noticed that the Government of Nigeria has given the youth, is unbanning of an American Company or outfit called “Twitter” by Mr. President Muhammadu Buhari. This is the official gift from the President to the people of the nation. Hence if you are asking, Whats’ in for the Youth of Nigeria, one can simply say “Twitter“.

Who’s Responsibility it is to Pay Attention to Infrastructural Developments?

Sorry, I just have to throw this in because this is the basis of this article actually. The hunt for who is responsible for the absence of so many opportunities in Nigeria and in all African countries has been a subject matter for a long time now.

Whilst some believe that the colonial masters should be held accountable for the lack of opportunities in Nigeria, others would prefer to differ.

The ones who chose to differ has their eyes set on so many occurrences and angles in government circles. This camp of opinion has centered its argument around rampant corruption and corruptive activities indulged by elected officials in power.

They believe that they are the reason while the development of infrastructure and development of human resources is stalled. Therefore, creating abject poverty among the millions of people while few opportunistic individuals and groups have unlimited access to state resources that they use to benefit themselves.

Now the question is: who shall we hold accountable when it comes to enforcing a general development program for all?

So, from the way it seems, we have been pointing finger at corruption for over 61 years now. Every regime after regime will promise a better life for the people with attractive programs dangled before the people just to collect votes.

After the vote, the status quo will remain and poverty will increase amongst the people. So, who should be responsible for a change in the lives of the masses? Even as I try to answer the question, I keep finding myself roaming around the obvious without any alternative answer.

But Behold and Alas!!! My guts tell me that the youth should be responsible for the change they want to see. This is my courageous answer at last.

Christopher Odiley – Editor

The citation above said it all. But the challenge remains though that “how can a youth disenfranchised has the power to fight for what they need?”

This question is very relevant and straight to the point. But the countering school of thought has also preferred that youth with so much time to waste on the so-called social media, might as well, concentrate on rallying all that time and resources to fight for what they need. “Period”.

This article has to stop here. Cuz it’s not meant to go any further extreme. It’s just my opinion about the state of affairs of my beloved nation.

Hope this information is useful to you and please kindly share it for others to read as well. Most importantly, let us have your opinion by leaving your comments below.

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