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Nigerian Idols: Kingdom Rendition of James Brown Brought Judges on Their Heels

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The Nigerian Idols Competition season 6 was brought up in smoke, Sunday as contestants battle it out at the revealed Top 4 episode. The main attraction, was none other than the vocal powerhouse himself who goes by the name, Kingdom. His rendition of James Brown’s Smash hit, “It’s a Man’s World” brought all judges on their heels as tears even dropped.

It was an emotional performance that almost seem like a final as Kingdom left everything he’s got vocally on the stage. Judges rained in whole lots of compliments as Nigerian pop diva and judge, Sheyi Shay states categorically clear that “I won’ be surprised if you win this whole thing”. She alerted Kindom in the strongest terms.

Earlier, during the Top 4 – first round of Performance, Kingdom had performed one of Nigeria’s brightest export in the eighties, Majek Fashek’s evergreen song “Holy Spirit”. That took everyone by storm as well. Even as everyone was still salivating over his first performance, the second one came with a big surprise.

“James Brown’s songs are not easy to perform”. One of the Judges attested. But the vocal range of Kingdom had made music industry mogul and Judge Asika confirmed, even James Brown would have praised Kingdom for “doing justice to his song”.

Nigerian Idol Judges comments on Kingdom

By and large, the judge’s comments confirmed Kingdom’s superior vocal prowess. However you looked at it, the stage has been set for the final showdown. You can follow the show on the Africa Magic Channel.

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