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Music Submission to the Morgeez Radio Global Network for Promotion | Open Invitation

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The circle at Morgeez Radio is getting bigger as more music are been submitted to the station by the original music creators who own the copyright to their works. The Indie artists themselves. Even as Morgeez Radio welcomes more indie music to the station, the promise of Morgeez Radio being the “Home of the Indie Artists” is been kept in each and every step of the way.

Furthermore, Morgeez Radio remains resolute in welcoming more talents and more music artists to the online radio station that reaches out to the entire world.

Morgeez Radio Music submission - open invitation
Music Submission to Morgeez Radio – Submit Now

The message is clear to the music industry. All Morgeez Platforms, including MorgeezTV, Morgeez Magazine, MorgeezBlog, and Morgeez Radio is built to help the independent music industry. Our focus, mission, and vision are to ensure that the indie music industry strives and survives mainly on its own. Hence we are here and we are proud to be “Home of the Indie Artists.”

Submit your music now.

Do you know any indie artists or know someone who knows some indie artists? Here’s your chance to alert them of this great opportunity out of your own selflessness and goodwill. So that they can be part of this global movement and let us all become dependent on our talents and creative works as a genuine source of livelihood for ourselves and our families.

We will appreciate your thoughts on this one, please leave them on the comments line. And also subscribe to our newsletters below. Share this link to all your social handles as usual.

For any business inquiries, visit Morgeez Support Desk, or to advertise with Morgeez Magazine click here. Otherwise, chat with us on the Morgeez Community Center.

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