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Bongani Robson Pholoza Sibanyoni was born in 1987-06-06 in Mpumalanga Ermelo, Heel Heat Boom in rural areas. His father is original from Mpumalanga while his Mother Is a Zulu lady from Kwa-Zulu Natal Newcastle , Pholoza was raised by his Grandma , together with his father who passed away when he was only 14 years old and his Grandma had to take all the responsibilities all by herself. Pholoza is a fifth child from his father side where his 7th from his mother’s side, his parents separated in two months after Pholoza was born. ‘’I didn’t know mother I thought my grandma was my mother said Pholoza’’.

His Grandma also passed away when he was also 16 years old.” I couldn’t take it because I was young and there was nobody who was going to take care of me state Pholoza”. It was tough very tough because I didn’t understand what was going on with my life because I was so young, I knew everything happens for a reason but still today I never got those reason and explanations on why me? Out of all people out there. I even thought about quitting school but I noticed my grandma wasn’t going to be proud.

Pholoza had love for music while he was still a young kid,but he had never seen it as a career because he grew up playing soccer.”That’s what I thought it was going to put food on the table for me and my family but it was one of the unfortunate situations because it didn’t work out for me”.


In 2017 he released his seconds hits song Kwamnandi that’s also picked at number one for four months in communicate radios too. Pholoza never push that song enough because he thought it was good enough to push itself in fact “I didn’t like the song because I feel like it was part of my style and people loved it’s so much” Pholoza was influenced by Akon growing up and he could sing Akon songs from start to ends well “I like Akon though, I didn’t know he wasn’t a rapper Pholoza stated but he changed to follow his favorite and his mentor an American new Orleans rapper Kevin Gates, whom he respect like a real brother because he feel like his story is more similar to the American native rapper who also raised by his grandma Pholoza got two daughters who are both 6 years old (Sphumelele and Ozzie) from two different mothers, He broke up with both mothers while his kids were only six months. “I love my kids and the always comes first more than anything”. The Mpumalanga born is currently in Johannesburg to push his music to the limit. Johannesburg is where everything happened so he has to move up in here.2018 was a big year for Pholoza where he released his huge single Only God Knows which is buzzing in every hood & every car. Is a very touching song and a hits in 2019 October he released a video for the song that put him everywhere, the video is on YouTube and it’s doing numbers, even time when I go home back in Mphumalanga people keep asking when are we gona see you on TV so the song was a perfect Answer for them.Pholoza is working on his mixtape called ’’ Sphumelele” the name of his first daughter I name it because I feel like am already successful and am not he to play I want to make history music is based on his life experience, girls broke his heart money no coming and his favorite car and mansion. Pholoza suffered with depression and the only way he deals with that is to gym or goes to studio to make music. That how he overcome the depression. He is a none smoker and he don’t touch alcohol. Pholoza writes his music he is working on becoming a producer because he also likes to produce music for other artist. Pholoza is now in partnership with EmmyGeez Productions Label , where he’s part of the roster with some of the artist like Zee De Toxic , Flow 808 Semric And M.E Super Star the owner of the label M.E Superstar signed him from his previous label 3 fingers entertainment.

Pholoza The Soccer Playing Talent

Pholoza played soccer as a goal keeper and he was very good at it and even his teachers at school they always knew he was going to make it in to the tops ranks. But love of music was always there because even in high school Pholoza was in Scathamiya group called New Boys, but still playing football. Pholoza started rapping when he was 15 years but he took it too seriously in 2014 when he release his first hit called Don’t Touch my Tools, that’s the song that really puts him on the map, where it was number one for few months in most community radios.” it scared me to death because I didn’t expect my first studio record will blow peoples mind like that”, says Pholoza, Don’t Touch Ma Tools is a song based into a girl he met back in high school who happened to touch his private parts without his permission.

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