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Every artist deserves a platform to tell their story genuinely without any hurdles and stringent policies that drag them behind the curtain. Every talent deserves an opportunity for their voice to be heard.

This is what Morgeez Magazine is offering you the artists and everyone involved in the music industry. We will gladly publish your interview with Morgeez Magazine.


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Your interview will also be published any of the other Morgeez Platforms such as MorgeezTV and Morgeez Radio

For just a small fee as donated by you to support our production of your video and audio for publications in these Morgeez Platforms, we are ready to spread your news across.

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Visuals is almost the very best of the new norm when it comes to marketing or promotion of any goods and services or any brand for that matter. This is where you will be interested in spreading your news across all Morgeez three platforms, namely: MorgeezTV, Morgeez Radio and Morgeez Magazine.

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