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Promotional Interviews

Brands Promotional Interviews

Every brand, be it corporate, celebrity, or small businesses deserves a platform to tell their story genuinely without any hurdles and stringent policies that drag them behind the curtain.

Every individual personality or talent deserves an opportunity for their voice to be heard. Hence as part of Morgeez PR and Communication Services, we value the power of interviews either streamed live on Morgeez Radio or through podcast archive.

Content Publication

In addition to Morgeez Magazine, every interviews are also produced in audio and video formats of which, audio gets published on the Morgeez Podcast Channel, and Morgeez Radio. While video is published on MorgeezTV portal through our YouTube Channels.

Great news is that you are able to upload contents to your own website or social media channel for wider reach. 

Media Buying Service

Through Morgeez Media Agency’s media buying service, we are able to secure publication and advertorial spots across all social media platforms and the internet in general. Depending how far and wide your want you content to reach.

Checkout Interview Production Packages.


Corporate Interviews

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