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Music Review: Polo G | Wishing For A Hero (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) Official Video

The level of consciousness and direction of the music video cannot be ignored

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Polo G is one of the Rappers that has that consciousness in his music that is reminiscent of legends like Tupac Shakur. So, Polo G dropped the below video on YouTube even before the current protests emanating from the brutal murder of yet another black man (George Floyd), may his soul rest in peace! The level of consciousness and direction of the music video cannot be ignored hence it caught the eye of the Morgeez Magazine Music Review Team.

The track’s lyrical contents speak to true tone and lifestyle on the regular streets of Chicago and across the United States. In an era where every rapper wants to rap about pu***s, lambros and other “sh**ts. we congratulate Polo G on being able to come out and speak to issues that affects society. Big SALUTE!

The Young rapper from Chicago Il. has this track penned before the racial tension but the track accurately describe the current situation in the US where Police brutality against blacks has and always spark greater tension.

In a more predictor tone, yet picture-painting of the struggles of Black young man growing up in the US, the horror of being getting shot at by gang or by police, getting snuffed to death or innocently sent to prison by the American Justice system calls for the question: “Where’s Human Right” in the so-called God’s own Country?

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