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Puma South Africa Held a Blazing Hot Q & A with Jack Parow in “10 Years of Parow”

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Puma South Africa has a greasy appetite for promoting the music artists in South Africa through its juicy association with the music industry. The global lock-down due to COVID-19 has taken a toll on nearly everything economically. But some people has the resolve to braze through every situation. This show of will encourages others to find positive means as well. @pumaSA had an awesome encounter with one of South Africa’s mainstream hip hop artist, Jack Parrow.

In this special edition of the Puma South Africa’s Q&A series with celebrities, Jack Parow held nothing back. The Q&A touches on everything from Jack Parow’s music journey, ‘10 years of Parow’, what fans can look forward to next, top collabs and musical influences to golf, that unique Jack Parow style, his current playlist, braai-tips, braaibroodjies, brandewyn, Netflix suggestions and his long-term relationship with PUMA.

Here are some highlights:

When asked about ‘10 Years of Parow’: “When I started people always tuned me no one will ever listen to this sh*t, they thought I was losing my mind. Now it’s 10 years later and I work with the coolest people and brands (like PUMA), my albums went platinum, I have my own brandy, my own signature PUMA vellies and I can braai every day.”

Talking musical influences: “There are so many, and I also have such wide taste in music. I think that’s why my songs are all over the place – from Drum and Bass to Metal to Hip Hop to f*kn Boere musiek. My biggest influence would probably be Snoop Dogg. In 1994 when he dropped Doggystyle I was 11 and it blew my mind, and I literally only listened to rap music from that day on.”

Some advice to fellow creatives: create and release stuff – now is one of the best times EVER to put stuff out as everyone is locked to their screens and devices.

Puma South Africa Q & A session with Jack Parow

Talking COVID-19: “It’s quite heavy being a musician at the moment, especially someone like me who tours so much and relies on that a lot. My show is super high energy and rof so the live stream thing doesn’t really work. Imagine me standing in my lounge on my own screaming DANS DANS DANS EK WIL F*KKEN F*KKEN DANS! I’m just using this time to try and be creative and check what comes out.”

How has Jack Parow kept busy since the release of his fifth studio album Afrika 4 Beginners in 2017? “Touring and making moelikheid. I have been lucky to tour all over the world and it keeps me pretty busy but now it’s time for the next album which I’m writing at the moment. This virus has meant a lot of changes for a lot of people but we need to adapt. If all goes to plan I will come out of this lockdown f*kken guns blazing.”

What inspires that unique Jack Parow style? Brandewyn, braaivleis, caravan parks, beach town outfits over Christmas holidays, street races, exotic animal dealers, tannies in malls, ooms in bars, small town hotels and leopards. 

Source Puma South Africa
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