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Rappers shares their experience at Morgeez Rap Battle Royale at Grand Finale

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The Morgeez Rap Battle Royale 2021 came to an end on Saturday,  the 20th of March, 2021. It was an emotional roller coaster as rappers took time to share their moments, trials and triumphs  lessons learnt as they bid Farewell to the competition.

One thing everyone do say and shared commonly, was fact that the competition was way beyond expectations and that it has helped them developed as music artists.
As everyone of the rapper has put it,  they appreciate the process as it poses challenges that has helped them grow their talents and artistic music industry knowledge.

WesKellar was one of those rappers that took the competition seriously at the beginning. But somewhere between the lines, he claimed that he lost focuses, by underating the process and other contestants which eventually brought about some form of drop in his performance quality.  This he said he kind of realized and tried rectify before the end of the competition. 

He also made the point that the competition has given him much knowledge in music industry and build his confidence as an artist. That he has become more versatile in his performance abilities.

Been a trapper and not traditional rapper like Wes, kind of shook Trip mentality in the beginning. But as he soldiered on, Trip found his footing and carved a niche for himself amidst the fierce competition from the other contestants.

Trip had always stressed the point home that he had developed his talent and improved in his technical skills as a music artist.  He has posed some distinctive performances that put him up as number contender todate.
However, final result shall prove it.

A soft spoken rapper with unique singing approach to his performance style. Dreama has often been short of confidence from beginning of the competition.

However,  in his farewell speech,   Dreama explained how much he has improved as an artist both as a performer and music industry knowledge. Dreama asl confirmed getting back his much needed self esteem through the competition.

Bye and large, the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale, 2021, was a huge success. And as Morgeez Management will put it:

We are thankful and grateful to God for making this a huge success. And most importantly for the dedication of the contestants.

Stovaz – Host

You can now watch the full show at the MorgeezTV channel on YouTube searching the #morgeezrapbattleroyale or head straight to the MorgeezTV portal at

Finally, we thank you specially, for being part of the community through your support. Music love and Regards!

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