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Rap Battle Royale 2.0 | Vocal Clash | Actors and models Screen tests – Events Calendar Released

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Morgeez has returned with its critically a claimed Rap Battle Competition and a series of talent development programs and events for the calendar year, 2021/2022. The events calendar as officially released at the Morgeez Events portal with details of activities,

Why Focus on Talent Development?

It’s no secret that the music profession is a creative industry and musicians, and other talents including actors, voiceover artists, presenters, dancers, comedians, DJs, models, etc in the entertainment industry, are all creative performers. This simply means that the need for formidable talent development programs, cannot be over-emphasized. And at Morgeez, this is what we are all about – talent development.

Morgeez Events Calender

“We are much more ready to make an impact in the entire music industry or general entertainment landscape”, through our various talent development programs.

Jolene – Events Coordinator

We know the urge and crave for becoming a frontline or A-lister performer. We know the urge for money, riches, and fame – and all of that. But, bottom line is that without proper development, talents become stranded sometimes or somewhere in their career. And this kind of frustration is devasting and discouraging altogether. Hence, to be able to perform at peak, both creatively and physically, every talent needs development.

If We Don’t Do It Whose Gonna Do It?

The question is as vague as any vague speech there has ever been. But it’s as real as any real substance ever in existence. We all know that every small to medium business, every small to medium artist, or talent-driven career performer wants to get to the top of the mountain as quickly as possible.

We also know that before getting to the peak of any career, whether in business or performing art, one cannot ignore the fact that one needs mentorship and a consistent development plan. This is where Morgeez comes in. We are a company that believes in talent development. We are a company that believes that for you to achieve maximum success, you need to be developed. That is why we believe that we can take up that responsibility of developing your talent from the bottom up. This is what Morgeez is founded upon.

We are passionate about talent development. And we believe that if we do not do it, who’s gonna do it?

Christopher Odiley – Morgeez CEO

Click here to visit the official Morgeez Events Portal for the full schedule.

Please share this info with your followers as you might just be saving someone else’s career. Remember to submit your stories for publication here.

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