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Rap Battle Royale Goes Virtual | Introducing the Online Version of the Competition

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The Morgeez Rap Battle Royale organizing committee has been taking a look at the virtual version of the event and has put a serious preference on this online version. This is due to the obvious circumstances and turns of events in the world today, as the uncertainty continues on the back of the covid-19 pandemic.

“The virtual version of the Rap Battle Royale Competition might just be the right way to go. This option will surely be more convenient for the contestants.”

Tessy – Head of Marketing, Morgeez Promotions.

According to an official Rap Battle Royale update released at the Morgeez Events Portal, the event will be moved from physical to virtual. But the talk of the physical contest is still not off the table as yet.

If the event update is a sure thing to go by, then contestants should start celebrating the fact that the stress of logistics will be taken off their table. Their performance will be carried out via the popular streaming app ZOOM and adjudication and reports will also be communicated through the same.

By and large, whether it is virtual or physical, all we are looking for is the best, young rapper there is, right now. Someone that can carry the flag of rap music forward. 

Tessy – Head Marketing – Morgeez Promotions

The full update on the online version of the Rap Battle Royale can be found on the Morgeez event portal. Click here for more… “The touch has just gotta be lit”

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