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Rappers Advised to Get Real Or Get Knocked Out

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No doubt the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale, is not your usual battle rap setting of competitions. This is becoming even more direct and more authentic in approach as rappers got a surprise brief from the boss of Morgeez Records, Stovaz. In a no-holds-barred instant rap workshop, rappers were not spared the brutal and honest truth of the rap game.

Get Real, or Get Knocked out.


The Morgeez Record Label boss was keen on getting rappers to bring out their very best in the competition and remind them of the status of the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale once again that this competition is more focused on talent development as a result, all rappers have got to understand this so they can concentrate and better improve their rap music craft.

Rappers were then thought some technical rapping skills with regards to lyrical compositions, and most of all vocal delivery technics amongst others.

During this episode of the rap battle called “Face-Off”, rappers had the chance to be in the same room at the sametime at the Morgeez Legacy Studios. There were whole lots of activities including direct encounter with the Label boss and rappers ego-trip war of wards as well.

Watch this entire video, share it and who knows you might just be saving someone else career.. Remember to leave your comments and follow the MorgeezTV Portal, also subscribe to MorgeezTV in YouTube. Peace!

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Via Morgeez Rap Battle
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