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Editorial: Rappers Called out to Be More Committed To Originality in their Craft

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The official Morgeez Rap Battle Royale 2.0 promo visual has challenged rappers to focus on the main prize of success but with utmost dedication to passion. Most of all increase their level of commitment to originality.

The promo which laid out the foundation of the competition as a legacy talent development program has Mr. Stovaz himself as the lead character who, according to media assessment, “let himself all out of the shell”.

“The call for talents to be more committed to positive messaging in their craft is long overdue. If we want to make music that can stand the test of time.”

This remarks were made by Stovaz, during the shoot of #morgeezrapbattleroyale 2.0 promo visuals.

Rap music has always been perceived as one of the main source of spreading positive messages as it relates to human rights, self-love, political and mental freedom, sense of community and more social cultural issues that directly enhances human development.

Once most of these elements are not inculcated in rap songs, the purpose almost get defeated immediately. Hence the clarion call for special commitment by rappers to channel their creative energies on attention to details.

“In other to achieve most of these core elements that makes rap music a shining example for community development among all musical genres, rappers will have to do more of self rediscovery”. Stovaz added.

While, modern raps focuses more on exotic lifestyles propagating various messages of ostentatious characteristics, that merely or may not positively impact the reality people faces; many schools of thoughts are now of the opinions that rappers need to be more conscious-driven in their messaging.

Having said all of the above, do you think rappers messages can still make any social impact that’s positive and relevant to human development?

Let us have your thoughts on the comment section below. Remember to share this and let us all get involved in this conversation that has the potential of adding positive value to rap music contents.

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