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Rappers Got Aggressive with Live Performance on Week 5 at Morgeez Rap Battle Royale

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Rappers elevated their status in the second live performance episode of the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale competition called “NOTICE”. This is one of the surprise episodes of the rap battle where rappers were simply mandated to put the entire world on notice with their performances. And so, they did with scaling competitive performance with each jostling for the number one spot, knowing what’s at stake overall.

Now that the competition is getting to the final stage as this edition is the 5th of 6weeks duration, rappers now realized that it’s every man for himself. Each of the 3 rappers who made the cut to this point so far has not disappointed either as they keep bringing the heat at any level of surprise admin might throw at them.

Trip delivers his hottest performance as yet

Who would have thought Trip would made it this far? The rapper who had a pretty shaky start at the beginning of the competition had since found his rhythm and kept on shocking everyone with superb performances so far.

WesKellar don’t play when it comes to live performance

In what seemed earlier like a run-away victory for WesKellar, the turn of events where rappers kept on showing up with innovative performances had sparked a rare gem in the rapper, WesKellar. The rapper has since upped his game and has been doing everything possible to maintain a steady lead to-date. But his chances of sure victory looms large and at the mercy of the other 2 contestants.

Dreama is ready to give it all

Dreama has been seen as the dark horse of the competition so far. Having been absent for two episodes. Following his return, Dreama has proven that he is not to be counted out. At least, not just yet.

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