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Record Label Boss Takes You Thru Radio Rap Edition at Morgeez Rap Battle Royale

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Rappers were shocked as they woke up to the announcement of an edition called Radio Rap”

You don’t wanna miss this bumper episode as it premiere on the #morgeeztv channel. The past week at Morgeez Rap Battle Royale was a whole new way of doing things. The competition which was in its 4th week (Saturday’s Only) to be precise, took a surprise twist of events.

The Radio Rap Episode was a totally unexpected segment and rappers, couldn’t help but stick with the rules and dig in deep to Battle it all out against each other. In the end, it was successful and even rappers themselves agreed that this was an eye-opener to them as budding music artists.

The Radio Rap  Version had two clear-cut segments which are, radio interviews session and performances of their original track live on radio. This was held by Morgeez Radio International, at the Morgeez Legacy Studios. It all turned out to be one of the most important segments of the competition as yet.

Rappers were seen savoring the moment as they enjoyed been mentored and treated to a real live radio interview plus a Live Radio performance experience as hosted by Stovaz.

From the beginning,  Morgeez Records had made it clear that the Rap battle competition is a Talent development tool and so far, the promise is been kept. Even as rappers were exposed to real-time radio environments and activities.

All episodes of the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale are uploaded as our original series for your viewing pleasure and experience. Right by now, we encourage you to subscribe to the MorgeezTV channel on YouTube or visit to watch at the original MorgeezTV portal.

Please do share this link and add your comments below as your opinion counts. Peace!

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