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It has been the center for creativity since it was founded in 2008. The Morgeez official website has taken care of business between Morgeez Media Agency and clients from within South Africa and all over the world.

What’s new at the Morgeez Official Website?

The site has most of your media service needs put together in one place. From everything you need to push your brand promotion idea to all, you need as a client looking for a PR and communication agency, or an independent record label or you are an independent music producer or artist looking for production, promotion and publishing assistance.

What’s Available at Morgeez Media Agency Right now?

Among the various service options at Morgeez Records and Media Agency, below is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Access to the Morgeez Audio Recording Studios
  • Access to the Morgeez Production Portal
  • Access to the Morgeez Radio
  • Access to Morgeez Magazine
  • Access to MorgeezTV official portal
  • Access to the Morgeez Music Distribution platform
  • Opportuity to Book Artists from Morgeez Talent Agency
  • Access to Morgeez Talent Mentorship Program
  • Opportunity to book a service package or send us a project brief
  • Most importantly, opportunity to join the Morgeez Community
  • Opportinity to Accees the Morgeez Support Desk

Advantage of Working with Morgeez Records and Media Agency

  • It’s a whole lot of goodies for you in the sense that, you do not need to be wandering on the internet anymore searching for one thing over a period of days. At the all-new Morgeez Website, we got everything wrapped-up at the same place
  • The Morgeez Studios is a center piece of recordings for audio, video and photography. You are able to record, mix and master all sorts of audio products including music, jingles, audio books, backtracks, podcasts, radio programs and radio ads etc while shooting professional cover photos and recording promotional videos at the sametime.
  • Do you just wanna broadcast your recording audio right there and there once, you are done? No problems! Cuz Morgeez Radio is right there for you to make use of immediately.
  • What about announcing your production or sending out an immediate press release or report about your project? The Morgeez Magazine is your port of call and its just under the same roof; and its ready for you to use right away.
  • Lets say, you then shoot and edited a music video concept with Morgeez Media Agency, before the blink of eye, we have prepared your video content for publishing and straightup through the MorgeezTV official portal.
  • For music artists and independent record labels and music producers, you nolonger have to stress on how to get your music out anymore. The Morgeez Music Distribution portal is right there for you immediately after recording, mixing and mastering of your projects.
  • One of the most interesting aspect of Morgeez operations is talent development. Lets say you are a young musician, or a fresh-out of the college individual or group passioanate about the media industry in general from radio production to music production, the Morgeez Studios is accomodating you right away.
  • Above, all the Morgeez Brand Promotion Plans, General PR and Communication Packages including Music Industry Service workshop will interest you a great deal.


Seeing is believing they said. Cuz words might not just be enough to explain the magnitude of contents and quality available to you at so pay a visit now.

Please do share this article as well, cuz you might be saving someone’s career or helping someone’s business that needs all the above items. Feel free to leave your comments below and we warmly welcome you to the Morgeez Community at any time.

Do you have any story you wanna tell? Click here to learn more. Otherwise, send us your project brief here,

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