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Review: Is Tiwa Savage and Sheyi Shay’s Salon Brawl Blown out of Proportion?

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Nigerian Social Media and the general public had their hands full all week as two of their pop divas, Tiwa Savage and Sheyi Shay locked horns in what appeared to be a real physical altercation at a local hair salon in the upmarket suburb of Lekki in Lagos. The brawl video that was circulated showing both Tiwa Savage and Sheyi Shay exchanging a slew of derogatory verbatims depicts a story of two former friends having some bad period in their relationships.

In the harshest tones and pitches on their voices, Tiwa Savage could be heard screaming at Sheyi Shay while the latter could also be heard returning the favor.

What Really Went Wrong Between Tiwa Savage and Sheyi Shay?

The stories making rounds are much more than meet the eye. While so many of the bloggers in Nigeria and various media outlets have their own version of what really transpired on that day, the podcast interview with one of Nigeria celebrity magazine “The Pulse” with Sheyi Shay painted a more vivid picture of a relationship that has broken down beyond repairs since 2016 or thereabout.

Sheyi Shay Interview

What Did Sheyi Shay Have to Say About Her Beef with Tiwa Savage?

The flamboyant Nigerian Idols Competition Judge Sheyi Shay spoke at length about the situation between her and Tiwa Savage in the above audio. Although this is a one-sided story, it gave a perspective on the trajectory of the situation. In this exclusive interview with Pulse, Sheyi Shay mentioned series of issues that have sparked the bad blood between her and her music industry rival, Tiwa Savage and they include:

  1. Her replacement of Tiwa Savage with Sheyi Shay as Ambassador for a popular brand,
  2. Issue of copyright and song credit for a song co-written by Sheyi Shay but used by Tiwa Savage & Duncan Mighty.. see video below.

Listen to the podcast interview above and hear Sheyi Shay spills the bean while we are waiting for Tiwa’s side of the story. Meanwhile, enjoy the mentioned song below.

Whatever the situation is, we are looking forward to when the Nigerian mainstream pop divas will reconcile and come together more on making great music in collaboration as opposed to derogatory beef. Whichever way one looks at it, stars are human beings. Ordinarily, these are two ladies going at each other and beef sells records, as they say, as long no one gets physically hurt.

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