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Review: Justin Bieber Thanked Donald Trump for Putting Pressure on Swedish Government to Release A$AP Rocky

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Justin Bieber openly appreciated the US President’s efforts in trying to get the Swedish Authorities release Rapper A$AP Rocky from custody in Sweden following his arrest and detention since July 3rd. As the incident drags on with no end insight, nearly everyone, back in the US including superstars like Justin Bieber, Nikki Minaj, Tyler the Creator and a host of others has being rallying round to see the immediate release of the New York born Rapper.

A petition to demanding the release of the rapper in has amassed well more than 600k signatures and signed by musicians, record companies, hip hop community, politicians and nearly every aspect of society.

The latest to join the call for freedom for the Rapper includes Members of Congress and up to the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo who has being thoroughly briefed. Now the biggest inclusion in the call to get A$AP Rocky released is Mr President, Donald Trump who had an extensive conversation with the Swedish Prime Minister. The move was well appreciated and praised by various quarters including critics of the President. This Presidential move was reportedly orchestrated after Khanye West and his wife Kim Kardiashian West who are very close friends of the President had briefed the President about the incident and personally asked the president to do something about this as a US citizen is being held somewhere in Sweden. After which, the President twitted that he had a fruitful conversation with the Swedish Prime Minister on possible release of the Rapper and he, (Mr. President Donald Trump) personally couched for his bail.

While the saga continues, reports had it that the Rapper and his Bodyguards who were both detailed, are being treated inhumanely and are kept in solitary confinement. The sketchy reason for the arrest could be found on the site.

The main key to this review is the massive support and concerns as expressed by the US populace and particularly, the music industry and the US government up to the President. While this is not a palatable situation, but the overall general interest of the United States is quite commendable.

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