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Has Roxxy M and Morgeez cut the Rusty Chain Even Before It’s Polished?

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Once reported to be one of the most important record deals of the summer, the much-anticipated working relationship between Morgeez Records and the artists known as Roxxy M. might be heading towards a bumpy slope.

When Morgeez Magazine first broke the news about the possibility of a union, the future was even predicted to be brighter. But in an unprecedented turn, the bridge is now seemingly not crossable by both parties.

What lead the record and management contract proposition astray?

Source has pointed out that bad blood spilled when the artist and her partner accused Morgeez of exploitation following a consented promo visuals shoot in which the artist was billed to feature with other friends of the artist for promotional purposes.

Just less than 24hours after the shoot just before post-production could be arranged, an accusation of content stealing had already been leveled by the artist and one of her partners known as Croft against Morgeez. Following this allegation, the promo film created and produced by Morgeez Production for a PSA for Morgeez Rap Battle Royale 2.0. was immediately withdrawn by Morgeez with the cost of production burden. However, the stills which were already published can be found here.

How did Morgeez React to the Artist’s Sudden and Premature Accusations

The management of Morgeez led by Mr. Christopher Odiley, wasted no time in reacting to this accusation as they were considered “Serious”. According to a withdrawal of intent to work together sent via a text message to Roxxy M. and copied to her partner known as Croft, the proposed working relationship was “cut” immediately as Stovaz reiterated that it will be in the best interest of both parties to part ways as Morgeez can only work with “loyal artists” with a certain degree of music industry knowledge in other to avoid frivolous accusations.

Furthermore, Morgeez position was explained as indicative of a company founded in transparency and music industry fair-play practices. This means that Morgeez is not ready to be used as a stepping stone by artists with hidden agendas and on the other hand, Morgeez does not seek to indulge in any irresponsible practices that will undermine an artist.

Why did a certain amount of restrained not applied by both parties?

As at the time of press, Morgeez was still resolute in its position of not tolerating any form of accusations from artists with whom no contracts were signed as yet. According to Morgeez, the said artists were still on probation as they failed to answer correctly and to satisfaction of Morgeez, the official artist’s pre-deal questionnaire.

This is why they were placed on an informal mentorship and evaluation in the interim of which proper conduct monitoring was one of the key points of observation.

On the other hand, Roxxy M. and her partner stood by her accusations even though as frivolous as they seem. Hence the “final cut” of ties.

By and large, this seems to be the best way for now in other, for peace to reign and most importantly to avoid the common and messy artists & record labels relationships-type that undermind creativity and productivity.

The management of Morgeez sincerely regrets the situation and wishes Roxxy M and partner, Goodluck with their endeavors. This publication is to clear the air as to any doubt anyone might have as to whether Morgeez and Roxxy M. and her partner Croft are engaged in any contract. There’s no such as it didn’t happen, so feel free to engage them without any references to Morgeez Records and Morgeez affiliates.

Do you think both parties should have tolerated each other a little bit more? Please leave your comment below. Remember to share this in all your social handles, as you may just be saving someone’s music career. Cuz, there’s always a lesson in every situation. Roxxy could not be reached at the time of press.

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