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Interview: Saudi Announces Brand New EP, Talked Ambitious, Emtee and More

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They said real stars can only be born and not made. True to that fact is one African hip hop star, goes by the name Saudi. I tell ya this dude is a pure example of supernatural talent that goes beyond borders.

Saudi first busted into the scene officially, in 2017 with the release of his debut album, Drugs Inc. Which went critically acclaimed and cement his spot in the South African hip hop music scene. This album title was as controversial as you would expect from a talented poet and song writer like Saudi. So he explained it away; “the title is merely an expression of what is happening in the hoods of Soweto” where he rose from.

Transiting from the very early days of his musical career to the level of success he is right now, the Ambitouz Entertainment signed artist is confident that the sky ain’t a limit with his new EP on the way, droping sometime in May as he exclusively announced on the Morgeez Podcast.

Saudi who is also a beat-maker under the African Tribe Movement (ATM)`a creative umbrella movement that includes multi-awards winning artists and hip hop kingpins in South Africa, such as Emtee tha Hustla, Sjava, the number one afro pop/r&b singer on the African continent. On how he joined these marvelous musicians at Ambitiouz Entertaiment, Saudi gave props to Emtee tha Hustla.

In an exclusive announcement, Saudi let the world know about his first EP format release dropping in May, 2019. A date couldn’t be confirmed as yet but, definitely come May, your airwaves will be occupied with Saudi’s new EP joint. Checkout Full interview on Morgeez TV

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