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Save the Music Industry from Obliteration Mr. President

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The global entire music industry and entertainment landscape has suffered most from the Covid 19 funfairs of lockdowns across the world. But the nations that suffered most, are the non- developed countries that tolls through hard lockdown rules of WHO without properly considering its implications on their economies.

Like they say: “all fingers are not equal”, its a testament to the adverse effects of lockdowns on developing or non-developing countries like South Africa. Come to think of it, we do not have the same resources nor economic might to sustain the livelihood of our people.

How did the Lockdown became a more destructive tool ?

From its inception and opening message to the world, the world health organization had issued the directive that mandated all countries to enforce lockdown and bans on public gatherings. This became the single most destructive directive of all times instead of life-saving as it was announced to be.

Look at the pictures of hardships below:

  • Local DJs are completely deprived of their performances
  • Local venues erased as most venue owners are now out of business
  • Musicians are completely blocked from any opportunities
  • Producers are totally deprived of their livelihood while
  • Studios owners are left alone to fend for themselves or get thrown out of their spaces.

This list can go on and on and on. This is totally unbearable and called for real meaningfull political intervention.

At the end of the day, these very same group of people and professionals still have to pay their rents, feed, cloth and live like every other disciplines that weren’t affected.

What can be done to help the music industry?

It is quite easy to destroy than to repair. Thats how the saying goes. But a little effort by African governments to fully open up their economy and chart a proper way for economic recovery of their countries will go along way in restoration of businesses confidence.

Bringing this down to the entertainment business, we all witnessed the enthusiasm at the just held NFL Superbowl Finals. The government of Africa countries can learn from this.
Simply lift the control and restrictions on venues and allow concerts, festivals, and other forms of gigs to take place. This call has become imeprative as the livelihood of many citizenry has been in jeopardy for well over 24months and increasingly becoming unacceptable.

Adverse effects of unending state of disaster

Among the uncountable negativity that these rules has brought to humanity are:

  • Increase in marital break downs and separations
  • Increase in suicide rates as many bread winners results to rather ending their own lives
  • Increase in mental health problems and related health problems.
  • Increase in high cost of living yet there’s no reliable means to livelihood to match rising costs.

The list is endless as mentioned. All I am saying, is a clarion call for Mr. President to “set his people free”.

Please note: this is a personal opinion and in no ways a challenge to any authority. The pictures are clearer out there.

Its time to rebuild. Enough sufferings endured. Please share this article link to all your social networks, cuz you might be restoring hope to someone else. You may also leave your comments below.

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Thanks for reading. Peace!

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