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Hip Hop Dancers Wanted!

Spot On - The Program for Extraordinary People!

Spot On was formally conceived as “The Spotlight”. But for some reasons, we felt uncomfortable with the name and the direction which was mainly focused in interviews of musicians only. Then we felt like the program was too restricted and as the desire and vision of the Morgeez Podcast expands with great thoughts on uniqueness of our programs or series; we then have no other choice but to change the name of the program and expand its coverage to include musicians, actors and other celebrities news, interviews and career outlook.

Secondly to include great men and women who our doing wonderful things in the world from all industry and works of life. Hence the slogan and motto became, “extraordinary people doing extra ordinary things”.


The Christopher Odiley's Notebook is a Podcast Series dedicated to talent development and the advancement of music business. The Podcast is hosted by Mr. Christopher Odiley himself the CEO of the Morgeez Media Group. This program according to him is born out of passion for skills and talents development.

The program teaches the music business of business of music as it will help indie artist, indie record labels, promoters and everyone working the music business space. Techniques for progress and many elements of the trade are discussed and exposed for everyone to adopt and use in the course of their career.

Voice of The Underground
As the name implies, this is a program dedicated to the promotion of underground hip hop, pop indie artists. This podcast uses interviews, live freestyles for rappers and live singing for pop and R&B indie musicians.

Interviews are conducted in studios or via Skype in a friendly manner that makes artists fee welcomed and able to deliver a great performance in studios. Morgeez Podcast try to remove the stigma which confined some talents to be regarded as underground. Hence we created to this platform to promote all talents in these genres. Here, everyone is a super star.

r kelly wept
This is the Ultimate Reviews on The Morgeez Podcast. This program tends to review important events and notable innovations around the world. The program analyse such events form all aspect including how they happened, why they happened, what do they tend to mean and possibly come up with a position.

Views are not meant to be compulsorily adopted by anyone but meant for entertainment purposes only. The ultimate Reviews can be approached comically sometimes, and other times gossip-like and more... that has to do with fun.

Just Believe!

You know! They said: “There’s God Everywhere” and that is exactly what this program is all about. This program is special program that I have to include it on the Morgeez Podcast brand.

Life has never being smooth sailing for anyone. No matter you position in life, there are always ups and downs. No matter which side of the coin you toss, there will always be stumbling blocks and confusions. To this effect, there’s always that time to remember God. But the program, “Just Believe” is to remind us that we don’t need to wait for times of trouble to remember God. The program reminds us the goodness of God and that no matter where we are, there’s “Always a Sign of Victory”.

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