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Editorial | Is South Africa Still a Rainbow Nation?

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Before I start, Let me, first of all, send a condolence to the families of the many who have lost their loved ones in the massive floods in KZN Province, South Africa. In the spirit of love during this Easter period and trying times, we wish you strength, love, peace, and God’s Grace of overcoming.

Introduction: Is South Africa still a Rainbow Nation?

The fear for safety has gripped my rainbow nation, even more, tighter as the numbers of joblessness soar past the roof. The colors of the rainbow itself have been overwhelmed by the darkest clouds on the African continent, hence the future remains gloomy in the absence of human rights and accountability.

How did we all get here?

Before even thinking of how bumpy the road to survival for the African child is, one might ask how did it all got started?
While some believe that the bitterness in the heart of my rainbow brothers is sparked by the scarcity of opportunities and access to basic means of livelihood, others blame the ruling class for self-aggrandizement which in turn, generates poor or no existence of accountability in the policy administration front.

Speculatively, there may not be a lot of pinpointable root cause of this attack on the brother men from the other part of the motherland, but one thing for sure is that the gloomy photos of hatred are painted on this scary canvas and cannot just begone unnoticed.

What’s the prize for Freedom of Migration if any?

In this modern society, the trend has always been the B+ playing activities that generate negative energies.

Hence opposing views will be castigated and rubbed down in the sea of mud. Otherwise, who should have thought that the so-called oppressors of the past are now the ones campaigning for the human rights of the present.

Whilst the so-called liberators of yesterday have seemingly carved a niche for repressions,  others are now turning to the new kid on the block for some sort of consolatory support.

But Why? But, but why can’t we live together in peace?

This is a plain and simple question that my Motherland Prefects have not been able to provide a plain and simple answer to.

Whilst some are quick to remind us of how colonialism, back then, robbed mine continent of resources and instill fears in the hearts of men, little did they ever admit their own guilt of overbearing repressions melted on their very own.

Hypothetically, let me ask this:

  1. So, do you really think that foreigners have the power to steal jobs?
  2. Do really think that foreigners should be blamed for the scarcity of opportunities for indigenous people of any land?
  3. Do you really think of what else…

The list of questions to be asked goes way too long but the above are just samples, that may let you fill-up the gap.

Dear Motherland and Papa Dudula, your children are suffering in their own backyard. Your sons and daughters are fearing for their lives having been rendered powerless and unproductive by their own brothers and sisters.

Mama, what are you saying? Why are you, silent mama? Why can’t you do something mama? Just wanna sit down there and watch uncle Sam, sister Betty and Big brother Joe torturing your children?

Oh! Mama, watch, watch mama watch, there they go again, another march, another job loss. What’s the prize for freedom? Cant, we all just live together in peace? What are the true colors of my rainbow nation?

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