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South Africa on Fire | Engulfed in Sporadic Riots and Lootings

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Following the special announcements by President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa, yesterday, the resultant reactions from the people on the ground, was escalated lootings and riots across Gauteng, PMB, and KZN provinces. The president’s primary focus on the address was on issues and dealings with Covid 19 restrictions, in which he had announced new measures of restrictions for Covid-19 level 4 lockdowns.

The Incarcerations of Former President, Jacob Zuma

Earlier national development was the arrest of South Africa’s former president, Jacob Zuma. This had been the bone of tensions since he was sentenced to 15 mont5hs imprisonments for “contents of court. This tension had earlier sparked sporadic riots in KZN province where the former presidents hail from and had massive supports on the ground.

While most of Zuma’s supporters had been calling for his immediate release amidst a pending high court deliberation on “recension” of sentence motion brought to it by the former President’s legal, team; the rights and lootings had immediately spread throughout KZN, Gauteng, and PMB.

Impact of Level 4 Lockdown Extensions

While former president Zuma’s critics wouldn’t concede to fact that riots are aimed at protesting the release of the former president, the pronouncement by President Cyril Ramaphosa on the continuation or extension of the level 4 lockdowns has been considered a serious factor in the escalations of the crisis.

The President had in his address on Covid had failed to mention the incarceration of the former president and provide any concern hence some supporters had taken to intensify their protest. So, at least some believed.

However the story is told, the situation in South Africa is very dial and law enforcement have had their hands full in dealing with looters across the provinces.

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