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South Africa: Military Deployment Returns Relative Calm to Communities

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The crisis situation in South Africa is currently, relatively calm or at least, seemingly calm after the deployment of the men and women of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF).

The lootings have subsided; although the damages have already been done in the provinces of KZN, PMB, and Gauteng. The 3 provinces were hardly hit by the riots, protests, and lootings with KZN being the worst hit.

Government Officials Visiting Communities

The state finally took the initiative to visit communities affected by this rampant lootings and destruction of properties. Following these visits by government officials and the deployment of military forces, the citizenry has eventually slowed down protest actions and lootings.

The report has it that more than a 1000 arrests has been made and hundred lost of lives has been experienced in the main hit provinces of KZN and Gauteng.

Volunteer Cleaning Efforts by Communities

Meanwhile, the community members in Alexandra, one of the main violence center in the province of Gauteng, has rally round itself and law enforcement officials to engage in a community cleaning efforts.

This relative calm that has returned to Alexandra and other communities can be attributed to the proposal by the defense minister to increase military presence in areas considered as hotspots.

However you looked at it, the people had messages and they have sent it and the government is now counting its cost. The question on everyone’s lips is “why these tactics”? But whatever the tactics, we all hope that unemployment and inequality have been ticked as the main drivers of this carnage could be address sooner than later.

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