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South Africa’s Premium Rap Battle – Morgeez Rap Rap Battle Royale Kick Starts 11th November 2021 as Scheduled

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Finally, the day is now upon us. South Africa’s premium rap music contest, the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale 2.0. ready to go. The kick-off date of 11th November 2021 is finally here. We are happy to let you know that, by God’s Own Grace, there’s no postponement nor any distractions. So we are kicking off the rap contest as scheduled for the 11th.

The stage will be opened for 5 more weeks starting from tomorrow the 11th. If you are a rapper and you have not bought your entry ticket, you still have the chance to do so right now till midnight.

For rappers who are already registered. You can now access the full brief of activities on the Rap Battle Royale 2.0. group at the Morgeez Community Center.

To the talented rappers seeking breakthroughs in their music career, here’s your chance to advance your career. Here’s your chance to face your fears and defeat the opponent. Here’s your chance to showcase yourself on a professional playing field, get developed, and prove to the world that your talent is worth investing in.

At Morgeez, we believe that talents need to be developed so they can become the very best version of themselves. #talentdevelopment Hence we say:

To be the best, you gatto beat the rest. The Best can only be determined through the contest.

Stovaz – Preseident Morgeez Records

Still haven’t registered yet? Click here to get your ticket now.

Got any questions? Visit the Morgeez Support Desk to contact us now. Remember to share this as you might be saving someone’s music career. Peace!

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