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Good News for Independent Record Labels and Artists | Submit Your Music for Promotion and Distribution | Free Right Now

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The talk of Morgeez launching its very own music distribution platform has been making the round for some time now. The desire for Morgeez Records to champion a positive movement in the independent music industry circle has been leading the company to invest heavily in building platforms and infrastructures that can help achieve this gigantic vision of creating a second-tier but sustainable independent music industry.

The Morgeez Music Distribution platform is one of the resultant platforms developed out of the burning desire to achieve this ominous aim.

Why Distribute Music Through Morgeez Music Distribution Service?

The answer to this is very simple. Morgeez has created this platform especially with the main focus on assisting the independent record labels and independent artists who sometimes got lost in the sea of global music distribution systems.

Whereby the independent artists placed their music for distribution; and after placement, and placement fees were paid, the question most people ask nowadays is, “Then What Next?”

Do you, as an independent artist ever get sales of your music that is meaningful enough to cater to your well-being? Do you get help in promotions that can lead to sales? Does any of the platforms ever have any kind of relationship with you that can be productive to the advancement of music your career and special interest?

All of the above questions and more, are what Morgeez Music Distribution service has come to provide answers for; to help you get a step ahead of the status quo.

How Much Would it Cost an Artist to Distribute Music at Morgeez?

The answer to this question would be or can be difficult if you are posing it to the other music distribution companies and their agents. But at Morgeez, this is a very simple question with one very easy answer.

Now, here is the answer you have been waiting for:

It is absolutely free to signup to Morgeez Music Distribution Platform and most importantly, it is absolutely free to list your music for sale.

Christopher Odiley – CEO Morgeez

Does Morgeez Help with Music Promotion?

Again, this is another strenuous question if posed to the other music distribution outlets and their agents. But at Morgeez Music Distribution, there will only be one answer:

YES. Morgeez will help you with instant promotion upon listing your music on its music distribution portal.

Christopher Odiley

Talk can be “Cheap” they often say. But at Morgeez, we have no time for saying things that we cannot make happen. And most importantly, we have no time for making empty promises. Now here’s what we start with promotional-wise, once your music comes live at Morgeez Music Distribution Service:

  1. One Cool and free article, well written by us to review your music and hype its content for promotion; and published on Morgeez Magazine, the shared across all Morgeez networks across the internet.
  2. One Special interview at the Morgeez Radio for us to review your music with you including announcements, promotional events, give aways or any other information that you wanna share with the general audience.
  3. Banners of your release shared through to all our social handles for promotional purpose and hype around your realese.
  4. If you already have a music video, that’s great. We will promote it via the MorgeezTV Portal and MorgeezTV Channel on YouTube.

Imagine what the above PR stunts would cost you at this initial stage of your music release as an independent artist? Check out reality here. But right now, because you are using Morgeez Music Distribution, they are all free.

In addition to the above, Morgeez is able to assist you through a special music artist consulting session, where we can help you unpack vital music artist marketing information that can help lead you to success. The list is endless.

How does Morgeez Make Money through its Music Distribution Service?

Plain and simple. We only get 25% of sales. This means you pay us 25% of all your accumulated sales by the time you request your payout.

So all the effort we put in promoting you, including all the technical assistance in helping to get your music live for digital sales through our platform, you only pay us 25% of sales during your payout request. No hidden cost, no bloated paperwork.

How does an Artist or Label Get Started with Morgeez Music Distribution?

There are two options available to the independent artist or the independent record label who wants to see their music on the Morgeez Music distribution platform. Here they are below:

  1. Simply visit the Music Distribution portal, and signup as a user. This will take less than a minute of your time. After that, you can now login and “Request an Artist Approval”. We take a look at your information submitted and you get approved within one hour or so. Then you can now start loading your music and you are ready to sell, promote and make new money from your music.
  2. Secondly, you may visit the Morgeez Support Desk, fill out the Music Distribution form, which is just a form you use to send us your music. Once we recieve your submissions, we then go ahead to setup you account at the Morgeez Music Distribution portal and uplaod your music for you for free. Then we send your Artist account details with admin access where you can change login details as you want.

Well, that’s it for now. It’s time for you to take action and let’s help you to the next level of your music career.


If you have any questions, you can submit a support ticket at the Morgeez Support Desk and we will respond immediately or at no distant time depending on time zones. Otherwise, Join the Morgeez Community Center for us to chit-chat about your music career.

Remember to share this article. It is very important as you might be saving someone’s music career. Leave your comments below too. If you are looking for help with your PR-related or brand promotion, click here to learn more. Regards!

Source Morgeez Records
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