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Editorial: How Can Systemic Change Happen In America? When & What Will It Mean To Black Minority Americans

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The protest on #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd quickly grew and spread like wildfire from the one that started in Minneapolis. The reason for the protest was clear, arrest the 4 white policemen who had just killed this harmless black man in broad daylight in the streets of Minneapolis. Soon, the entire country of the United States of America, the self-proclaimed “God’s Own Country” will be engulfed in the flame of fire clouding the entire cities from NYC to LA to ATL and WDC, no cities were spared within the country.

As they said, whatever touches  America touches the world, the protest was picked up in London,  far away in Australia and everywhere else in the world as the #BlackLivesMatter Movement grabbed the relay sticks from the initial community-based protesters.


The call for Justice was mainly defined as arrest, prosecute, and jail the four white police officers.  That was quite understandable. They actually deserved their place in a hellish jail for failing to protect the lives of the people of the community they serve.


As the protests escalated into massive anger nationwide with imminent looting and further aggression aggravated by these regular occurrences of police brutality, simply put, police killings of black men and women in the streets of America, pundits are hooked at their corners asking… “so, what’s next after these streams of protests?”

After the camera, lights, and action script bewildering the entire American state and the spillover to the world, what will be the next line of action? Some believe that this is a starting point for a new wake of consciousness and some also believe this may just fizzle out as has always been the case.


Looking above the ceiling,  judging by the above narratives, the road remains sketchy as a true path to achieving a none discriminatory American society is undefined.

The CLAMOR for changes in the systems that house the body policy that embodies that absence of social equality and justice has somewhat been driven into the ground.  Or at least, so it seems.

While very few seemingly understand the root and source of the inequality as demonstrated by police brutality on black Americans, majority barely have no clues and this in most,  cases always lead to temporary protests that always ends in achieving nothing but temporary destruction and looting of properties while the institutionalized racial profiling remains on unsolved.


This is the basis for this article. Firstly,  within American society, who are the black elite who will initialize a movement that would be driven towards systemic changes? A movement that can articulate the problems, hurdles and oppression suffered by black people on a daily basis in America, and pre-packaged it to Congress for policy debates that can be effectively won and voted into laws. Surely, please do not seek Senator Cory Booker‘s attention on this.

Until such a time, blacks in America realize that systemic oppression can only be dealt with systemically,  there would be no magnitude of protest that can uproot these in-humane, injustice executed on black people daily.

Christopher Odley

Because the entire political system within the black communities themselves are corrupt, the processes that would be able to fight the system have not been established. Until the black communities fix their own systems, they might just have to wait a bit longer for any real form of equal rights and justice enshrined into the American constitution.

Until that time where the Congressional Black Caucus in America has been able to firmly push for and achieve real constitutional amendment specifically designed to elevate the right of Black Minority in America, one can only hope and pray, for Divine Intervention.

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