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Rap Battle Kick-Off As Stovaz Addresses Contestants – Day 1

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Morgeez Rap Battle Royale 2.0. started off with an endearing introduction of the entire concept to rappers at the opening edition (Day 1). The competition which started on the 11th of November 2021 as scheduled, had a very low turnout as one would expect from a fresh original concept like this especially when it is based on learning and grooming of talents. (Video Link still processing.)

However, we at Morgeez Records are glad about the fulfilling feeling that we have kick-started and we openly and heartily welcomed our contestants who took the process seriously and showed up. They are all winners already.

In the introductory address by Stovaz, the point stressed once again that the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale series is all about talent development.

“Welcome Y’all!!!” Basically, all we wanted was serious-minded artists like y’all and you did turn up and we salute y’all.


“Our hopes and dream are to assist in building a self-sustaining music industry that everyone will benefit from. And the most vital tool necessary to achieving this ambition is through dedicated talent development platforms like the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale series of competitions.”

Stovaz went ahead to compare the music industry to the sporting world; where he reminded contestants of how serious athletes are and most of all reminded them of how the sporting world has numerous talent development programs worldwide. While the music industry especially the rap music world has little or no structures of dedicated talent development.

Hence the need to get serious and embrace this special program that focuses mainly on developing young rappers. The rappers all happily agreed with Stovaz’s points and all vowed to perform and compete to the best of their ability as we move along.

Now that Day 1 is off the way, the main focus now is setting off the competition and “we are glad that this is happening already.”

Please watch the introduction video and see what this whole exercise is all about as Stovaz breaks it down in a more concise way but detailed enough to capture your imagination.

Here’s one last call to young rappers out there who have not yet bought their ticket as yet, we are still able to accommodate you right now. Simply purchase your entry ticket now to join us and be part of this awesome experience. Time to get developed, mentored, compete and most of all grab all the knowledge we need to succeed in the music industry.

Do share this with all your socials as you might be saving someone’s music career. Remember to leave your comments below to support the movement. For any inquiries, click here to contact us.

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