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The rapper – Maz Wavez in Bubbles of Hot Waters

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Prolific songwriter and rapper, Maz Wavez has found himself a steaming hot waters. The “Layla” Album crooner who’s signed to Morgeez Records has found himself caught in a major dispute with the label over what some considered as a mere “misunderstanding” while others would not agree as such to the turn of things between the label and the rapper.

What’s the Actual Beef Between Maz Wavez and The Record Label?

According to word from an insider at Morgeez Records, the artist has been accused of “lack-luster” work ethics. The rambling started back in August 2019 when the company has sent the rapper some related documents that needed to be signed. Word had it that the set of documents we regarded as an official validation of his contract when properly signed and returned. These were reportedly referred to as “validation docs”.

Although Maz Wavez claimed that he had signed and submitted the documents multiple times and submitted them through the official Morgeez support portal, the company admin had repeatedly claimed that they had not received the right and correct documents. And this has caused a serious rife between the company and the artist.

Where’s the Maz Wavez Upcoming Album Project Now as things stands?

While the record label had expressed dissatisfaction over complete documentation, there’s a great amount of works that have been done on the Maz Wavez upcoming album project. According to Morgeez Records official, up to 2x – 3x singles must have been released by now off the upcoming project, but for the current situation, production and pre-promotion were put on hold until all legal issues have been sorted out by both parties.

Whilst the rapper has had a conversation with management on this matter, rumour has it that both the artist and the record lable are yet to finally overcome this hurdle as yet. Although nobody expects anything negative and out of the ordinary, fans are keen on seeing both Maz Wavez and Morgeez Records sorts out their issues and move forward with the upcoming project so they can have their music released sooner than later.

By the time of going to press, Maz Wavez couldn’t be reached for clarification and possibly an interview as yet. But he had left word for us through his manager that

“he will surely clear the air”.

Maz Wavez manager

In addition,

“he also expressed his apology to his record label, Morgeez Records for any inconvenience or mishaps.”

Maz Wavez manager

Hopefully and judging by the posture of Maz Wavez through the manager’s message, we are looking forward to seeing his project happen and release it very soon. Meanwhile, Morgeez Records label official has refused to comment any further. One even stated as below:

This is just an internal dispute between a record label and an artist. There’s nothing new and nothing to fuss about. So long people keep their ego-head in check, everything will be ‘ight!

Morgeez Records staff

Since its not looking that bad, lets keep our fingers cross. Please leave your comments below and don’t forget to share info on your socials. We also advise you join the Morgeez Community Center for regular happenings inside of Morgeez and showcase your talent as well.

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