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Tupac Final Place of Rest Revealed | The Conspiracy Continued

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The controversy surrounding whether Tupac is still alive or not has be laind to rest in a latest revelation by Richardson Delray. Tupac died in September 13, 1996 following a drive-by shooting on a car in which he was sitting on the passenger seat and driven by his record label boss Suge Knight. The death of Tupac became seemingly too hot to handle and a such a bitter pill to swallow by his fans worldwide. Delrey Richardson who worked with Tupac as a Producer, in a recent video posted on YouTube, gave an account of the final resting place of the legendary rapper known as Tupac Shakur

Delray Richardson heads to Malibu beach. This was the place where the private ceremony with close friends and family took place. The ceremony included scattering some of Tupac’s ashes into the sea. Shock G of Digital Underground was present at the ceremony, where fires were burning and drums beating. Family and friends threw gifts, pictures and Hennessey into the ocean in honor of Shakur.

In a conversation with @andyo4l from the O4L Online Network, Delray talks about the importance of keeping Tupac’s legacy alive.

“It’s very important that we keep Tupac’s legacy alive because Tupac is and was to music what Shakespeare was to poetry. The substantive nature of his words, his delivery and his unique personality are often imitated but never will be duplicated. Tupac was and is in his legacy the quintessential Hip Hop superstar.”

Delray Richardson

The producer who has worked with most of them all top rappers of the 90s, including Eminem, 50cent, couldn’t hide his affection for the the rap star and always maintain the need to uphold the legacy of Tupac.

All though the video, showed lots of character and portrays so much emotions, but critics are still wondering if this is enough to convince them and change their mind on the mythical believe that Tupac is still alive! Whether the doubt that Tupac is still alive will continue or will fans agree with this latest revelation of the final resting place of Tupac?

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