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Types of Podcast

Here are the different types of Podcasts Morgeez enjoys producing:


Business podcasts are podcast interview session where we talk about the business and industry you belong. The operation of your business from beginning to date will be discussed. Questions surrounding your investments, opportunities in the industry and many more will be discussed.

The Morgeez Podcast session purpose to encourage conversation around business opportunities in your industry as it relates to society and the world at large. We expect our guest to have vast knowledge of their businesses as we will be asking every kind of questions related to what you do and how you do it, in other to teach others.

Here, we profile young and veteran entrepreneurs, who has great stories to share with the world. No matter what kind of business you do, the Morgeez Business podcast team welcomes you. To book your free podcast session now, click here

2. Music Promotion Podcasts

The music promotion podcasts, are series of interviews sessions podcasts designed to give the artists, producers, DJz, Instrumentalists, record label owners and everyone working in the music industry opportunity to share their thoughts, skills, knowledge and vital information that can help others succeed as well.

This is an avenue for independent artists and indie labels to learn share and find new ways of promoting their music, videos, performances and more.

Learn the tricks of the trade from the Morgeez Music Promotion Podcast. Tune in for weekly dose of tips and tricks on promoting your music without cost incurred but yet successful.To book your interview session right now, click here

Performing Arts Podcast

Making it in the performing arts industry is almost as stiff and difficult as in the music. They both are similar in nature and they both has everything in common with regards to talent promotion Technics, talents management and exposure process down to the business of the arts itself.

The Morgeez Podcast on the Performing Arts industry is a diligent approach to break down most of the hindrance that independent actors, models, poets, presenters and others encounters in their desire to top make it through to the big time.

This is another precious interviews format and talents profiling formats of podcasts where we invites industry experts and experience minds to come discuss their career, their challenges to dates, solutions and measures they have taken that enables them to succeed or get to where they are currently.

We welcome everyone from film directors, writers, producers, the actors, DOPs and everyone within the television and film production, distribution and publishing industries. We like to have you on the show. Click here  to book a podcast session for free

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