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Report | Vocal Technics and Performing Technics Became a Sharp Focus at Morgeez Rap Battle Royale 2.0

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The road to becoming a superstar, just like every other profession, ain’t an easy one. There are several mechanisms that lead the way. The earlier you find the right approach, the better. At the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale 2.0, some of the technical mechanisms required to overcome the hurdle of artistic mediocrity were the subject of coaching during the masterclass session at the 3rd week of the competition.

Introducing Vocal Technics and Performance Technics

The key focus on the third week of the rap contest was performance technics and vocal delivery technics. These elements were explained as very critical to the success of the young rapper. In this master class session, Stovaz dedicated more time to these two elements in a bid to bring out the best in the rappers.

What is Vocal Technics in Rap Music

Vocal technics are most regarded as the process or tactics adopted by an artist to present his or her singing voice in a more professionally acceptable performance.

In the master class, Stovaz enlisted up to four critical aspects (known as the ELEMENTS) of voice practices that can enable a rapper to discover the core of his voice and build an ability to fully use his vocal power to his advantage.

Watch the attached video in full to have a clear understanding of the listed four elements that would assist you in achieving a distinct vocal range as a rapper. Or even as a singer.

What is Performance Tecnics?

Every artist has to have unique performance technics in other to stay relevant as a performer and wow your audience on stage as an artist. That is very crucial to your success as a performer.

For the sake of the rap battle talent development program dedicated to coaching rappers, performance technics were dealt with using 4 elements similar to that of vocal technics but with a unique approach that spelled out the differences.

The aim of the performance technics coaching is for the rappers or artists to be aware of certain crucial elements that enhance their performances by building their stamina and strength on stage while delivering memorable performances while on tour. Watch the Master class video on the MorgeezTV Channel on YouTube or on the MorgeezTV Portal.

Do you think talented rappers really need any form of coaching? Please leave your comments below. Remember to share this article on all your social media handles as you might be saving someone’s music career.

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