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WesKellar Blast Trip with Thunderous Lyrical Fire on Growing Up in The Hood

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“Talk is Cheap:” Wes Kellar poured out on Trip as he laid out his road map to snatching victory at the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale during the #faceoff round.  This was his response to Trip who had earlier vowed to take home the crown “at all cost”.

Obviously,  as one would expect,  Trip’s ranting didn’t go down well with Wes Kellar. In what seems like an outpour of fire, Wes Kellar dropped a bombshell of a verse in “Growing up in tha Hood” in this episode of the Rap battle called Face-Off.

Wes Kellar who earlier stated one of his strategies is that of not doing too much was as confident as ever. He came across as a newly improved merchandise with the main focus on his lyrical prowess. Wes Kellar who believes he is destined for victory in the competition didn’t disappoint on the richness of his lyrics as usual.

If anything to go by, Wes Kellar’s delivery of the “Growing up in the Hood” in Face-Off would be the reason why many had been comparing and dubbing him as the new Kendrick Lamar.

Even as fans and spectators are finding it hard to dedicate their loyalty between the two Rap battle soldiers, one thing for sure is that both contestants are living up to their billings and this is a sign of more goodies to come out of the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale competition.

Whichever position you choose to adopt, both Wes Kellar and Trip have only one thing in their minds, “win the whole thing”.

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