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Why Miss Universe 2019 is Zozibini Tunzi Miss South Africa | A Tale of Natural Beauty

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Zozibini Tunzi is an enigma, as her natural self and authenticity is one beauty criteria that can now be attributed to her. The Miss Universe Crown is what some even referred to as the “Battle of Musanga”. LOL… don’t ask me, I don’t even where that (Musanga) is. Every contestant that made it to cut, surely wants the crown on her head. The passion and desire to fully represent your country in the Miss Universe Pageant, can be compared to that of a soccer team players in the FIFA Soccer World Cup. Then to cap it all, if you are the luckily chosen one to wear the crown, its even more overwhelming for your country men that you have put the nation in the world map. As the Crown itself, represents not just beauty, but brains, pride and millions of opportunities that comes with it.

The Miss Universe, 2019 was held in the all new super mega Tyler Perry Film Studios in Downtown Atlanta, USA. If for the faint-hearted, the pressure of even making it to the final pick is much more than progressing with the ranks of beauties from other countries that are up against you. As for Zozibini Tunzi the current Miss South Africa, it was like business as usual, having being the South African Beauty Queen and most of all, the great opportunity to join the history books as the 3rd South African, irrespective” of race to climb the ladder to the Miss Universe stage.

Report has it that when it got to the final stage of the competition, with the top-3, it wasn’t even a pin of stress for the judges to makeup their mind and pick the South African Beauty Queen as the winner of the Miss Universe 2019 Crown.

Miss South Africa got Crowned Miss Universe 2019
Miss South Africa got Crowned Miss Universe 2019

Although the outspoken beauty queen, Miss South Africa, won the entire Miss Universe panel of judges heart with her beautiful answer to the question, research shows that she is not new to the subject matter of empowering young girls and young women across the globe. She had been at this noble cause for a while now as her social media pages has being spreading messages of women and girls empowerment for a sometime now.

As humble as a Queen, she posted on her instagram what the award meant to her:

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