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will Hybrid Hip Hop Artist Roxxy M be Making the Most at Morgeez?

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Roxxy is a hybrid music artist and talent with ability in multiple aspects of the music industry. The rapper from Sandton. Johannesburg is torn between her urban life and ekasi ()Alexandra Hood) life.

Recently, Roxxy M has been seen flirting with Morgeez Records as an imminent move to the label could be obvious following numerous appearances at the Morgeez Studios. But unverified sources had hinted that the Roxxy M Empire Records boss lady could be joining forces at Morgeez in a bid to upscale her musical journey as an artist.

Is Roxxy signing with Morgeez Records?

“Yes!” This could be possible in the coming months as the relationship between Roxxy and Morgeez grows even thicker. A close source had hinted that besides recording her upcoming album at Morgeez Studios, there are talks of moving her music publishing to Morgeez Music Publishing.

Will Roxxy change her style of Music at Morgeez?

Although Roxxy rap style is something different from the tradition at Morgeez, both parties have been caught on record working out possibilities of working on Roxxy sound to suit Morgeez Records’ vision while also maintaining originality.

Roxxy M and Stovaz, Morgeez Boss

Will Roxxy go through the Morgeez Rap Battle Royals competition?

Judging by Morgeez’s policy of talent grooming and talent development to suit. None is to be left out of the Morgeez Rap Battle Royals. According to one insider,
“If Roxxy has to go through the Morgeez Rap Battle Royals 2.0 competition, so be it. Cuz it’s good for her at the end of the day”.

But will this move ever happen?

Stovaz, the boss at Morgeez Records is known worldwide for his appetite for scouting new talents, collaboration, and all that. If we go through the visuals of Stovaz and Roxxy interaction at the Morgeez Studios. There’s something smoky coming up. Although remain. to be seen in reality but all the signs are there.

Roxxy M at the Morgeez Studios

Well, that’s it for now. Do you think Roxxy will make a good artist at Morgeez? Please leave your comments below and remember to share this article with your social networks. Let’s see what happens.

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