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Will Smith Summons the Will to Apologize to Chris Rock

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Will Smith had finally woken up from his slumber to ‘Apologieze’ to Chris Rock without mentiong the words “I aam sorry’ in his direct address to Chris.

In the released video of him apologizing to Chris Rock for the dirty slap and smack on the face of the Fellow Actor and Commedian at the Oscar 2022 award ceremony, Will Smith also mentioned the mother of Chris Rock on his “i Apologize” address.

The incident which happened whilst Chris Rock was Host of the 2022 Oscar Awards Night was all because of a simple joke Chris Rock made on stage with mention to Jada Pinketh Smith, wife of the Oscar Award winner Will Smith.

Even as this sparked outrageous comments and reactions from various organizations, groups and individuals across the world, Will Smith had experienced serious negative impact as many brands and projects that he represents, had either dropped him or suspended him.

How does Will Managed to apologize to Chris Rock?
The Apology was a self recorded video script read out by Will and posted on his Twitter handle. This again has sparked a tyraid of debate as many believed that an apology” without the words, “I am sorry” is an insult all together.

How will Chris Rock Respond?
It will be a dry response just as the video released by Will Smith. As many has already presume that Chris Rock may just consider the apology as fake and may not want to give credence to it.

But many believed that with mention of Chris Rocks mum on the video, nerves must have been claimed at the Chris’s camp.

Will Chris and Will ever reconsider reconciliation?
One would say yes as all parameters has indicates that Chris is an Honorable Man who would want to put this behind him and move on with his career.

Finally, no matter what happened, forgiveness is a better pill than revenge. Hence people expect Chris to embrace Will, forgive him, and move on.

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